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We emphasis on hands-on training, experiments, rapid PoCs/Prototyping. For these purposes, we have developed ConnectiFY a development IoT board. Excellent training development platform for application 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit MCU. Open project development facility for every section by providing open pin using header/ connection. There is easy adaptability for different microcontroller family 8051, AVR, ARM, Ardiuno, PIC etc. It has USB programming facility Onboard hardware for internet and M2M communication.

Supported Daughter Boards Containing MicroControllers



-          A single platform to learn Embedded and IOT solution

-          Universal board for all kind of microcontroller platform

-          On board Bluetooth for interfacing with mobile devices

-          Ethernet built in for development of IOT based projects

-          Switch mode supply for better power efficiency

-          Short circuit and over voltage protection



-          12 to 9 volts DC input

-          Provision of External inputs.

-          On Board USB and RS232

-          Ethernet with SPI Interface

-          EEPROM 16 kb I2C interface

-          RTC DS 1307 with 32 Khz crystal with battery back-up.

-          8 Channel ADC with Potentiometers with analog sensor support

-          16 X 2 LCD display.



Ø  Smart Cities

Ø  Sub-station Monitoring

Ø  Manufacturing Monitoring

Ø  Industrial Automation

Ø  Fleet Management

Ø  Remote Health care

Ø  Smart Home Automation

Ø  Predictive Maintenance for Cars

Ø  Smart Irrigation

Supported Communication medium


Ø  Zigbee

Ø  DigiMesh

Ø  LoRa

Ø  WiFi

Ø  Ethernet

Ø  Bluetooth


Ø  RS485 / RS 232, MODBUS

POC /Experiments Data Flow